Architects, designers, craftsmen, artists, economists, bon-vivants,

connoisseurs and raconteurs offer to you pithy,

fun and informative

essays, articles, hints and comments on the management,

the enjoyment of the American home.

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The Beautiful Home

is a reference guide for homebuyers, builders, and the general public;

is an advice source of building styles and techniques, patterns of design, construction hints and guidelines;

is an architectural primer that includes photographs, diagrams, and line illustrations of historical details;

is a visitors’ guide to historic homes, their lifestyles, and to their cities, the delights and points-of-interest.

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Updated each Week of each Month

with articles, columns, essays, stories, podcasts, videos

of Luxury, Leisure, How-To, Amusement, Abundance, History, House-Plans,

all the virtues, and some of the vices, requisite to enjoying the rich, fully American life in

The Beautiful Home.

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The story of the American Dream is seen in the history of the American Home,

and each house tells a story.

The Beautiful Home illustrates the history of American building types

updated for modern living…