The Beautiful Home 2021 Architectural Prints Collection


The Beautiful Home’s 2021 Architectural Prints Collection will be available to collectors, May 1, 2024. 

The collection includes Georgian, Greek Revival, Mid-Century Modern, and Jeffersonian compositions in horizontal elevation and in vertical plan with elevation.  Also available, the Jefferson Doric Porch and The Greek Orders.


Architectural Prints, Jeffersonian

The Beautiful Home Architectural Prints, Jeffersonian Plan & Elevation


The 16” x 24” print sheets (archival ink on archival paper) are available framed or unframed.  The 10 compositions are available as singles or in sets of 4, 6, and 10 (4 horizontal elevation, 4 vertical plan and elevation, 6 vertical sheets including the Porch and Orders, and all 10 compositions).

Each year, The Beautiful Home features 4 to 6 house style editions, and the styles from these editions will be released every 6 months: May 2024, the 2021 Collection; November 2024, the 2022 Collection; May 2025, the 2023 Collection; November 2025, the 2024 Collection; May 2026, the 2025 Collection; and November 2026, the 2026 Collection.  See The Beautiful Home Architectural Print Collections for details.


Architectural Prints, Mid-Century Modern

The Beautiful Home Architectural Prints, Mid-Century Modern


The Beautiful Home Architectural Prints Collection continues the Renaissance tradition of precedent, precision, invention and beauty in architectural drawing.  Michael J. Curtis, the architectural designer, was trained in copper and steel engraving by master Dennis Galffy.  Mr. Curtis is also an architectural historian and sculptor, and these disciplines add context and solidity to each architectural composition.

Mr. Curtis designed The New American Home 2011, the nation’s most prestigious house and model for America’s building industry (products, design, and technological innovation).  His other monuments, memorials, and houses are found coast to coast.


Architectural Prints, Greek Revival

The Beautiful Home Architectural Prints, Greek Revival


Each Beautiful Home architectural print includes diagrams, details, and descriptive paragraphs on a house style in its historical context, the style’s precedent and characteristics, and the particulars of the featured home’s design.  The succinct, memorable paragraphs are composed for adults and children so that each paragraph might prompt recollection and recognition when some house of a style is seen.

Diagrams and details are little instructions that might lend interest to a house, its style and history.  Certainly, the details make the drawings pretty, rewarding on close inspection.


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