Classive Tradition

Ours is a Classive Tradition, a form of thought, a manner of understanding which resolves us into what, into who we are: good citizens of a nation which acknowledges our liberty of soul under God. The episodes of this work, “The-Beautiful-Home”, comprise a treatise, alike an encyclopedia, a compiled history rather more Herodotus than Thucydides, rather more delightful discovery than progressive determination. Here, upon the screen of these pages, we shall find ourselves at home in common experience, in Florida or California, in kitchen or library, at ranch, at townhouse, at each place we Americans share God-given liberty in beauty, in goodness, and in truth.

Within the physical borders of this nation, stories without number, homes that tell of the world that was, of the world that is, of the world that might be; within the borders of this screen, knowledge and delight. Each week of each episodic month, bright, wise and worldly contributors will offer insights, tips, descriptions of house, of home, of beautiful living.  This first month, in truth, this first half-month, the “Jeffersonian Home”, variations on the home of our third president, Thomas Jefferson, “Monticello”, that American treasure whose name in Italian means, “little mountain”. There is much to show of Monticello, much to tell of Jefferson, much to consider in stylistic variations of the Jeffersonian and of the many occupations which grew from the man and his home:

a nation, of course, intellectual tradition, of course, then also wines and flowers, gadgets and inventions, columns and volumes, merriment and attainment, the handicraft of statecraft.


Classive tradition

Jefferson’s Monticello, Albemarle County, Virginia. credit: Konstantin L.


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Today, April 13, 2021, the 278thanniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s birth – my goodness, how time flies, only ten generations separating you from Thos. Jefferson – this announcement of THE BEAUTIFUL HOME, a consideration of domestic felicity, a guide to improvements, a history of architecture, a biography of America, of these united states of America.

Watch this space, The Beautiful Home, for curiosities, announcements, and details of THE BEAUTIFUL HOME, September 1 launch.

Then, you might like to know, following after Monticello, Virginia, Charlottesville, Jefferson, and all things Jeffersonian, in October THE BEAUTIFUL HOME goes Modern, Mid-Century Modern, visits modish steel-homes, the California Dream, ranch homes and glass homes and technology, shed-like, hip and easy.

For our Classive Tradition, you might like a copy of Classical Architecture and Monuments of Washington, D.C.: A History and Guide.

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Featured image: Palladio’s Villa Capra, “La Rotonda“; Vicenza, Veneto, Italy. credit: scatto79

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