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Yes, rents are up.  Most Americans pay nearly half their income to be dry and warm.  Yes, houses are growing larger, more expensive, farther from city convenience and close community.  Yes, new houses are rickety, uglier than ever they have been.  Progressive Modernists insist on personal poor taste and the rejection of tradition, so architects fail to please neighbors, and this decline strands contractors in the low tide of stylistic ignorance and mucky taste.  Bureaucrats intend to rescue, but these are not superheroes, merely employes tinkering with antiquated Rube Goldberg contraptions.

Townhouses are a good solution, though these are not The American Dream.  Yes, the townhouse can be beautiful even when modest, serviceable even when small, though most mod townhouses are square metal cans containing sterile boxes wherein live the digitally-minded lonely.  And yes, we will see more, many more of these artsy sardine cans quickly built with citizen funds for sponging noncitizens … employment security for bureaucrats.  Recently, a fine Art Deco townhouse block was featured in these pages.

Between squeezing corporations, voracious invaders, and our choking overlords, Americans are in search of The American Dream, Home Sweet Home, the cozy place of comfort, family, love.  And yes, affordability, beauty and community.


Cozy Houses, Chateauesque garage

Cozy Houses, Chateauesque and elevation variation


You will notice that when families were large (five to seven), houses were small, two or three bedrooms in some 1,800 square feet.  Now, when families are small (three to four), houses are large, three or four bedrooms in some 2,400 square feet.  In part, speculators avoid risk of selling to the emerging; in part, there is economy in upscaling.  The cost of building a 2,400-sf house is marginally more than building an 1,800-sf house, and the one-quarter size difference allows a one-third higher profit.

The house of my teenage years was hand-built by a father for his family.  This hand-building might be a solution, but these days males are seldom men, seldom capable of sheltering and protecting wives and children.  As you know, all that you see of town and city was built by men for love of women.  Look about.  The truth is obvious.  Also true, the house is a home whose shape contributes to the form of the family.

A family might be grand, powerful, influential, affluent, though most of our families aspire not to greatness but to goodness, sometimes, to humble holiness.  These, the good, humble, holy, are those who invented Home Sweet Home and The American Dream.  For these, The Beautiful Home offers the cozy house, the beautiful house reasoned to goodness.


Cozy Houses plan

Cozy House, Chateauesque, plan and elevation


Here, as in most cozy houses of The Beautiful Home, a house of some 1,400 square feet, a house fashioned for contemporary living, open, wealthy in closets, convenient to necessity, light-rich, symmetrical, sympathetic to our human shape and scale.  You will notice the pleasant comfort you feel when seeing the cozy house, the experience of logic when imaging yourself in its rooms, ease before its fireplace, action at its kitchen counter, togetherness though its open rooms, retreat to its private rooms, expanse into outdoor rooms, lawn and garden.

Here, one of several cozy variations, a Chateauesque, a most picturesque house, charming, almost storybook.  With the Chateauesque, other French styles and English styles and Greek styles, each made American by our practice of living and our native tradition, our unifying inheritance, the very summit of Classive civilization.  And here a unique virtue of the American house, all the world made native American*; all the world’s house styles distilled into one country, these united states of America, the first united nations.

The cozy house variations seen here are among four variation groups, each group, each variation with floorplan options and numerous stylistic alternatives.  As with the country in conglomerate, these houses are intended for a traditions-integrated neighborhood, an affordable, peripatetic community, convenient, comfortable and lovely.  These variations are suitable to the Eastern Seaboard and much of the Mid-West, but might be built anywhere.  As you would expect, The Beautiful Home has designed communities for our nation’s many regions, each unique to climate, tradition, aspiration.


Cozy Houses elevation

Cozy Houses, Chateauesque elevation variations


A future edition of The Beautiful Home will dilate on neighborhoods, affordability, practicality, answers to challenges political and financial.  But here, cozy houses, inexpensive plans, affordable builds that can be yours.  Soon, news of an expanded house plans section of The Beautiful Home, partners, et cetera.


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* Not Indian.

Featured image, Cozy House, Chateauesque, color elevation, M. Curtis, designer.

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Cozy Houses, Goldberg

Cozy Houses, Rube Goldberg’s Self-Operating Napkin


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