Fee Type                                                         Typical Cost

Stock Plan                                                       $1,175 – $2,300+         (id est, 2,000 GSF house-plan)

Plan Set, % of construction cost                  5% – 8%

Plan Set, fixed fee                                           $2,000 – $8,000+

Custom Full Service, % of construction      8% – 15%

Custom Full Service, fixed fee                      $15,000 – $60,000+


Modifications                                                Typical Cost

If simple                                                          $0

If complex, hourly rate                                  $100 – $250

Of, if complex, per square foot                   $2 – $15



5 Copy Set: five printed plan sets mailed to you.                                               $1,325.00 / 1725

PDF Set: PDF plan set by electronic delivery, printed by local printer.            $1,425.00 / 1850

5 Copy and PDF Set: five printed plan sets mailed to you, and a

PDF plan set by electronic delivery, printed by local printer.                            $1,500.00 / 1900

CAD Set: For use by design professionals to make adjustments.                  $1,850.00 / 2250

Single Set: One printed set for bidding purposes, only.                                    $1,175.00 / 1575


Foundation Options

Crawlspace: for semi-sloped or level lot, built off of grade, 18” – 48”.         $0.00

Slab: for a level lot and single layer concrete poured directly on grade.       $0.00

Basement options will require a fee; i.e, unfinished, finished, walkout, et cetera.


Additional Options

Right-Reading Reverse                                                                                           $225.00

To reverse plans and keep both text and dimensions readable.


Additional Construction Sets                                                                               $75.00

Additional hard copies of the plan set can be ordered within 90 days of the purchase.


Construction Guide                                                                                                 $50.00

Information about basic electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and structural topics.



Upgrading plans to ENERGY STAR®.                                                                  $350


Material List                                                                                                            $150.00 / 250

A basic list of supplies needed to construct the infrastructure of your new house.

(Allow seven to thirty days from request—depending upon GSF, et cetera)



License to build an additional house per plan set.                                            $500

(Per instance.)


2 X 6 Exterior Walls

To upgrade from 2”x4” to 2” x 6” walls.                                                               $400


* If you have additional needs, wants, desires, please contact and The Beautiful Home shall do as it can.