Architectural photography is famously difficult.  Errant trees, inconvenient automobiles, misplaced shadows, uncooperative clouds, the vicissitudes of weather, the certain unreliability of equipment and the thousand considerations of angle, view, vista, composition, and these but a few concerns.  With luck, one photo of fifty is serviceable.  Fletcher Isacks’ odds are considerably more bankable.  Isacks, a favorite of classical architects, New Urbanist civic planners, and real-estate interests world-round, knows architecture as few photographers do; he has built it, managing construction of 75 houses in but one civic plan.


architectural photography, great room

Fletcher Isacks architectural photography, great room.


In addition to photography, Isacks shoots, edits, and produces video segments, as he is now doing with The Beautiful Home’s, Home: A History interviews, tours, and narratives.  Look for segments at TBH in coming months.  Many know his photographs of Seaside, the famous New Urbanist development in Florida through the book, Reflections on Seaside.  Others know Fletcher for his travel and nature photography, his stunning photographs of sea and sky.


Architectural Photography, Fletcher Isacks, interior.

Fletcher Isacks architectural photography, interior.


Beauty surrounds us, inspires us, and helps us appreciate what we have.  –Fletcher Isacks


We asked Fletcher for advice on how best to photograph architecture and he offered two hints.

  1. Use Natural Light

When a home or building is designed well, it will look its best with clean natural light. You can always rely on sunlight to illuminate a room, and the best architects create those spaces intentionally. Open every shade and let the light in.

  1. Have a Vision

When capturing a space I use two different techniques.  First, I imagine the space from a typical perspective (i.e., center of the door, eye level from a chair, view from the kitchen sink) and find the place where most people can imagine themselves in the room standing, sitting, walking.  Second, I try to find a unique and different perspective that may capture the space in a way that the viewer is intrigued.


Architectural photography, Fletcher Isacks, staircase.

Fletcher Isacks architectural photography, staircase.


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Fletcher Isacks – Architectural Photography

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