The new television series “Home: A History” is on the market!

At home, history lives in the now, in each of us, in our traditions, in innovation, in the stories we tell ourselves, in the stories we tell others, in the many stories told at, “Home: A History”, the series.

This new series reveals how 500 years of immigration has shaped the American home.  Technology and tradition have expanded American potentialities, have created unique, architectural styles and numerous fashions of life.  Each television episode is filmed at a different historic location, each episode features interviews from world renowned professionals, home-lovers and home-makers, and each episode visits the diverse families of beautiful homes.

The story of the American Dream is found in the beautiful American Home, and each home tells a story. “Home: A History” illustrates the history of America in our homes, in our houses, in American domestic architecture updated for modern living. Discover how the world’s building traditions have grown into American homes. Be surprised, be delighted by the sources of our American traditions of home and of family.

Become a part of The Beautiful Home in showing “Home: A History”, filmed by DrakeWise Productions in collaboration with R.B. Adams, AIA; Thomas Bloom; Jody Bottum, PhD; Nir Buras, PhD; Michael Curtis; Elliot Eisenberg, PhD; James McCrery, AIA; and other expert bon vivants.  In all, the team has been published and featured in uncounted media outlets, has accomplished notable international projects, and each team-member has achieved professional accolades, high honors.

The “Home: A History” television series is produced by award-inning filmmakers, including a 7 time award-winning director, and a post-production team that has experience working with HBO and Lionsgate.

My mission is to push the frontiers of what is possible in cinematography and story telling to provide you with a stunning video that will wow!” – Thomas Bloom, CEO of DrakeWise (for inquiries, please contact

September 22, 2021


Featured Image: Filming the “Home: A History” television series in Old Town Alexandria.