The “License Agreement” (which comes with the plan set) grants you the license to build one home per plan set.


Digital Files (sent by e-mail)

PDF digital files can be sent by email, then printed at a local copies store (Kinko’s, Staples, et cetera) as needed for bidding, permitting, and construction.  Plans cannot be legally copied and distributed.  All plan sets are marked with the copyright symbol.


Print Copies (sent by mail)

Plan sets can be sent USPS—usually arrives in a few days.  Or by FedEx / UPS at an additional cost.  Paper prints allow direct copying with limited copyright release.



CAD (Computer Aided Design) files can be sent to your local engineer for adjusting plan sets to local codes.


Study Set

Not ready to build?  A study set allows the family to consider potentialities, and to share with contractors for rough estimates.  Each Study Set is marked “Not for Construction”–contractors cannot legally build from these sets. 75% of the Study Set cost is applied to full sets when purchased.


* Multi-Use licenses are available for neighborhood developments.  you may only build one home from a set of plans. Please call to verify if you intend to build more than once. Plan licenses are non-transferable and cannot be resold.

** The Beautiful Home retains the copyright to all plans, even if adjusted by other architects, designers, engineers.