One-Quarter (¼” = 1’) Scale Stock House Plan Sets Include:


Exterior Elevation(s):

An illustration showing exterior materials and measurements.

Foundation Plan:

All necessary notations and dimensions of support columns, walls, and excavated areas.

Floor Plan(s):

Illustrating room dimensions, wall partitions, windows, et cetera.

Electrical Plan(s):

Illustrating the location of electrical outlets and switches.

Roof Plan:

Illustrating framing, materials, pitch, et cetera.

Building Section:

A cutaway illustration of the house from roof to foundation showing frame, floor and roof.

Door & Window Schedule:

A listing of doors and windows by location and dimension.


*Not all plan sets include the sheets listed above.  See specific plan pages for full information.


Exterior Elevation(s)

The exterior of the house illustrating the size and the materials of wall, roof, and other necessary elements of a home.


Stock House Plan Sets 001

001 Rendering Example, Plan #13, Tidewater


Foundation Plan

The design intent of the foundation, its slab, crawlspace, or basement.  Depending on the foundation type, this page includes a footing layout, post and beams, structural slabs, et cetera.


Stock House Plan Sets 101

101 Site Plan Example, Plan #13, Tidewater


Floor Plan(s)

The layout of rooms, walls, doors, and windows, as seen from above.


Site Plan Sets 102

102 Dimension & Roof Example, Plan #13, Tidewater


Electrical Plan(s)

The location of lighting fixtures, switches, and outlets; the lighting design layout and intent.


Site Plan Sets 103

103 Electrical & Mechanical Example, Plan #13, Tidewater


Roof Plan

The elements of the roof, its ridges, valleys, and hips. Sometimes, the material(s), slopes, surfaces, chimneys, and decorative features.


Site Plan Sets 104

104 Elevation, Roof & Truss Example, Plan #13, Tidewater


Building Section(s)

A cut-through view shows the relationship of ground to house to roof, sometimes room to room.


House Plan Sets 105

105 Sections & Details Example, Plan #13, Tidewater


Door & Window Schedule

A listing of doors and windows by location in the plan set and by size (dimension) in construction.


House Plan Sets Schedule

Door & Window Schedule Example, Plan #13, Tidewater


Construction Notes (and details​)

Might include foundation, walls, exterior walls, floors, stairways, roof or whatever else might want additional information for builders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, et cetera.


Please Notice

TBH plans can be built as shown in most localities, and yet your local building department might have unique requirements that we cannot know: perhaps particular structural documents, soil reports, energy-efficient calculations, and yet answers to these requirements can be provided at competitive rates.

Typically, sets do not illustrate plumbing, heating, air conditioning, because local codes and climatic conditions vary, dramatically.   Most often, specific local details are provided by builder, contractor, and eager, local suppliers.


* TBH house-plans conform to the building codes where originally designed.