October at The Beautiful Home we go Mod, Mid-Century Mod.


TBH Preview: Mid-Century Modern

We go to Hollin Hills to visit the architecture of George M. Goodman.  And there, we shall find the the typically woodsy “Organic Modern” of the Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-West.  We shall visit the beautiful, immaculately restored “Alcoa Care-Free Home” of real-estate agents Peter and Lee Braun.  And in the neighborhood next door, Tauxemont, a quaint, quirky, pre-Mid-Century Modern development just now challenged by those McModerns spawned by DC’s eager tax collection, lobbying, and related white-collar industries.


MCM Alcoa Care Free House Floor Plan

The Mid-Century Modern “Alcoa Care-Free Home” Floor Plan.


A flyover to the Cochella Valley where we shall visit Palm Desert, the Mid-Century Modern’s “Desert Modern”, Palm Springs and the Movie Colony.   Here, the life-style of the modish-way, the “Kitchen” and its conveniences.  The fashion of popular-science gadgets, a vogue that continues till today.  The architecture of many mods, including Cliff May (1903 – 1989) of the old, “Twentieth Century” … though much of Palm Springs will be saved for the “Palm Springs Modern” edition of The Beautiful Home.

Too, in October, The Beautiful Home launches its YouTube Channel where you will find previews, extracts, teasers of “Home: A History”, now mostly filmed and in editing.  Links in stories shall take you there.  Hope you visit.  All has been arranged, a few fine things neatly-placed, fresh-cleaned, and shining.  Also, should mention: Your friends and family are invited, all they need do is click, here.

Wishing a beautiful home to you, sincerely…


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